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after the night, the night

Tonight, Naomi’s long-term partner reveals to her that he will return to monogamy with one of his recent connections. Confronted with the harsher realisites of non-monogamy, Naomi heads out to the streets of Amsterdam for a night of diverse intimacies, to remember why it is that she committed to this kind of relationship structure in the first place. And as she looks, listens and talks her way through the city’s cobbled streets, is the night getting longer, or is it just the lights from people’s windows making slow conversation with the moon.

The film is part of

Locarno Film Festival Residency 2022 

Ikusmira Berriak Residency 2023, supported by Tabakalera, San Sebastian International Film Festival & EQZE Zine Eskola


ECAM START ME UP residency 2023

Produced by Idle Eye


as writer-director


Ikusmira Berriak Residency:

Locarno Film Festival Residency:

ECAM Start Me Up:


With after the night, the night, I want to explore possibilites for experiencing intimacy. I want to question monogamy as a social structure which has greatly affected our human relations. Is there a difference between loyalty to another and loyalty to oneself? What do religion and private property have to do with monogamy as we know it today? I want to dive into the spaces which exist for vulnerability, humility and empathy inside intimacy. I want to use my own body as a way of exploring how the internal expresses itself on the surface. And I want to find Naomi wrapped in an alternate time – one of whispers, of touch, of infinity found in the breath of a moment.

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Ser Permanente

An exploration of the stories embedded in a flysch on the Basque Coast.

feature film written & directed by Juan Palacios

The film's development is supported by
the  Nederlands Filmfonds (NFF)

Produced by Revolver Amsterdam

as producer


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