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visual arts

Scan 14.jpeg

'the big dip'
photo-collage, 2021
13 x 18 cm

out of sync I.jpg
out of sync III.jpg

'out of synch' diptych
photo-collage, 2020
10 cm x 15 cm each

'in the moore'
watercolour, oil, photography, collage, 2021
30 x 45 cm

in the moore 1.jpg

'in the afternoon' diptych

photography & oil paint, 2020

21 cm x 30 cm each

a bath in Scotland.jpg
an afternoon in Bristol.jpg
'Hackney Kisses', collage, acrylics, mar

Hackney Kisses is a series of graffitied photographs of couples kissing on their wedding day in Hackney in the 1950s. Photographer Stephen Gill found the collection of original photographs taken by an anonymous photographer soon after the war when many people had lost their spouses and were re-marrying. Gill published them in a book titled 'Hackney Kisses'. 

Naomi found this book on Broadway Market in Hackney and went on to to play with the unique repetition this moment through collage, paints and markers.

Naomi's version of Hackney Kisses was exhibited in The Gallery Cafe in Bethnal Green, London, in December 2018, and in Craving Coffee in Seven Sisters, London, in January 2019.

Prints & originals are on sale. Contact via for details.

'in bed'

oil paint & collage, 2019

100 cm x 100 cm

'in bed', oil paint-collage, 100 cm x 10
passing by.jpg
after dinner, we chat a while.jpg
lust for life.jpg
having a thought I.jpg
having a thought III.jpg
having a thought II.jpg
a morning in bloemendaal.jpg

top to bottom: 'passing by,' 'after dinner, we chat a while', 'lust for life', 'a morning in Bloemendaal.' left to right: 'having a thought' triptych. 

photo-collage, 2020

10 cm x 15 cm each


photography & oil paint, 2020

21 cm x 30 cm

ren hang I.jpg
ren hang II.jpg

'studying Ren Hang'

markers & pencils, 2020

15 cm x 21 cm each

on amhurst road.jpg

'in between I, II & III'

photo-collage & oil paint, 2020

10 cm x 15 cm each

Scan 15.jpeg

'between evenings'
photo-collage 2021
13 x 18 cm


'in bed we sleep a little'

markers, pencils & water colour, 2020.

25 cm x 42 cm each

'after a room'

oil paint & collage, 2019

100 cm x 100 cm

'after a room', oil paint, acrylics, col
what will you write about this - Naomi P
'lemon zest', oil paint, collage, 100 cm
just 5 minutes - Naomi Pacifique.JPG

'just 5 minutes' triptych

oil paint, collage, 2018

100 cm x 100 cm each


'catching some night' 
water colour, photography, oil paint, collage
30 x 45 cm

prints & original available to purchase. contact at

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