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looking she said I forget

short fiction film, 2024

Screenshot 2024-04-30 at 12.27.54.png

Having just moved to Amsterdam, Lou prepares her new apartment that she will share with her partner, Joel. For now though, Joel is on a trip with an intimate other. Confronted with the complexities of her non-monogamous relationship, Lou shifts her gaze to the rhythms of her new city.

The film WAS part of
Berlinale Talents Short Form Station 2022

The film's development and production is supported by the  Nederlands Filmfonds (NL), Office Federal de la Culture (CH), Cineforom (CH), and RTS (CH)

Produced by Idle Eye (NL) and Golden Egg (CH)


release in summer 2024


Writer-Director: Naomi Pacifique

Producers: Rafael Manuel, Albert Kuhn, Yan Decoppet, Gabriela Bussman & Naomi Pacifique

Director of Photography: Xenia Patricia

Production Designer: Thea Spiri & Barbara Krantz

Sound on Set: Marine Maye

1st Assistant Director: Albert Kuhn

Editor: Lucia Martinez Garcia & Naomi Pacifique

Sound Design: Clara Alloing

Sound Mixing: Vuk Vukmanovic

Colourist: Rodney Musso & Jean-Baptiste Perring

Production Companies: Idle Eye & Golden Egg Productions

Original Music: Ella van der Woude, Maimuna & Naomi Pacifique

Principal Cast: Juliet Darremont, Gaël Kamlindi de la Comédie Française & Tom de Ronde

Secondary Cast: Derek Scott Mitchell, Bart Kalisvaart, Emile Jansen, Artur-Pol Camprubi & Naomi Pacifique

Supported by: Netherlands Film Fonds, Office Federal de la Culture, Cineforom, RTS,

behind the scenes
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