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as writer-director, cast & editor.

Nights are long inside Naomi and Ram’s room. Tonight, they’ve invited Marina over and their messy space is under scrutiny. Exploring intimacy as personal playground, skin as intimate map, Naomi’s docile body is coming loose amidst the tension inside a room she continues knowing and unknowing. The small expressive child inside her is itching to ring its giggle through the night, before day breaks. 

'after a room' was shot in March 2020 and finished its post-production in May 2021. It premiered at Locarno Film Festival 74, where it was awarded the Swiss Silver Pardino.


The film is a London Film School graduation film and an Idle Eye Production.


as producer & assistant director.

'Filipiñana' is a short film written & directed by Rafael Manuel.


It was shot in the Philippines in May 2019 and was awarded the Silver Bear Short Film Jury Prize at the 70th Berlinale in February 2020.

The film is a London Film School graduation film and an Idle Eye production.


La Voz Rosa

2022 (in post-production)

as cast.

'La Voz Rosa' is a short film written & directed by Marieke Elzerman.


Director of Photography: Artur-Pol Camprubi

Sound: Tomás Flores & Isabella Bello

Production: Eliás Querejeta Zine Eskola & Marieke Elzerman

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as director.

'falling asleep' is a documentary short exploring what people think about before falling asleep. It was shot in June 2018 and premiered in competition at Encounters Film Festival in September 2019.

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Howling Ghosts



as writer & director

Howling Ghosts is a short film in which Chloe learns to howl again.

Writer & Director: Naomi Pacifique

Cinematographer: Chi Chieh Wu

Production Designer: Tyanita Gancheva

1st AD: Can Köroğlu

Camera Operator: Zhizi Hao

1st AC: Zhanfei Song

Featuring: Anne Vegnaduzzo, Harrison Collett, & Eduardo Forrato